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That’s Why Our Unique Three-Step System Has Helped 26,572+ Owners Train & Enhance The Bond With Their Dogs And Puppies

No matter what behavior issues you may be experiencing with your dog, we’ll reveal -- right on this page -- a three-step dog home training system that uses simple behavior modification rules that you can use right now.

The end result? Your dog will wag his tail and grin happily while he follows your every command

We call that three-step system the The D.O.G.

No matter what behavior issues you may be experiencing with your dog, we’ll reveal -- right on this page -- a three-step dog home training system that uses simple behavior modification rules that you can use right now.

The end result? Your dog will wag his tail and grin happily while he follows your every command.

You simply apply the D.O.G method to stop irritating,
annoying and even dangerous behavior, like:

  • Stopping your dog from jumping up on you and your guests
  • Eradicating accidents in the house
  • Stop him or her from pulling on the leash
  • Ensure your dog doesn’t run away from you
  • And much more…

Why am I going to share exactly how to stop all of these unwanted behaviors? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a pet that you love. And even though you love that pet, there are days where you wish they wouldn’t act like such an… animal...

Here’s what I mean…

Meet Finn...

This is Finn, who, despite being so cute, was a very bad dog.

Finn never came when called… The thought of him breaking free from his leash terrified his owner, Debbie… the dog could bolt directly into traffic. If the kids chased after Finn, they could wind up in life-threatening danger in seconds…

Housebreaking was not working… Debbie constantly felt embarrassed as she explained away the bad smells to her guests… Finn destroyed the rug by using it as his personal toilet, but there never seemed to be a right time to spend $1,500.00 to fix it.

I’m sure you can feel Debbie’s frustration if you’re having a tough time housetraining your dog.

But there is good news: your dog’s housebreaking problems can be stopped this week… keep reading and you’ll see how. (And that’s just one little trick you’ll learn).

But Here’s Where It Get Serious...

Just one month ago… Finn made a huge mistake…

Debbie’s nephew came to visit, and was eager to play with the dog. Finn got so excited that he jumped up at the boy and scratched him over his eyelid… It was a minor scratch, but that didn’t matter…

…Debbie’s sister was very upset – because it could have been a lot worse.

And Debbie’s husband – hesitant to get a dog in the first place – laid down the threat that changed everything…

…”If that darn dog messes up one more time, he has to go and I will take him to the shelter.”

I’ll come back to Finn’s story in a second, but first I have a question…

Did you know that almost all problem behaviors in
your dog can be traced back to one thing?

Receiving attention at the wrong time.

Think about it – when does your dog get attention?

And more importantly, are there any times when your dog gets attention while being bad?

Receiving Attention at the Wrong Time...

Here’s an example:

  • Let’s agree that your dog craves your attention, right? Has your dog ever jumped all over you?
  • You most likely looked down and said something like “Down! Down!”
  • And then maybe you took your loving dog’s paws off of you, placed your dog on the ground, and petted him.
  • Well… here’s what’s going on in your dog’s head right now… even if you’re saying “No!” and scolding him…
  • Your dog is thinking… “Wow! Every time I jump up, I get attention! This is great! I think I’ll jump up more often!” And the cycle continues.

But the good news is: you’re not alone, many other dog owners make the same mistake… and the best news is, it’s easy to stop a dog from jumping up...

Just do the D.O.G....
How To STOP Your dogs Jumping Up...

  • D.
  • Do what we say – The “Pivot” is one way to get him to realize that jumping up won’t get him attention. Whenever your dog jumps up, you simply fold your arms and quickly pivot so your back is always presented to your dog. Even the most persistent dog will stop and either sit down and wonder how to get your attention or lose interest and wander off. When he sits, give attention (but not too much).
  • O.
  • Observe your dog’s behavior – In efforts to get your attention, your dog will likely try to jump up at you a couple of more times. That’s why you must be consistent until your dog has tired out and realized he won’t get any attention until he is sitting and relaxed.
  • G.
  • Get results – As soon as your dog knows that calm greetings are the way for him to get pets and attention, he’ll stop jumping up.

    The trick is knowing how to respond to your pets' behavior by directing their attention to either a positive outcome or a negative one.

“The Coin Jingle”, “The Gate”, “The Spot, and “The Attention Delay,” are several other easy ways we will show you to make your dog stop jumping up on yourself or your guests, and they all involve the simple D.O.G method.

Not only will these techniques help you squash your dog’s bad habits, they’ll also create a tail-wagging, grinning, fun-loving family pet who obeys you.

Let’s go back to Debbie and Finn for a second…

The last thing Debbie wanted was for Finn to make another mistake and lose him and have him taken away. She chose Finn, nurtured him this far, and he trusted her. I’m sure you can imagine how heartbreaking it would be to break your pet’s heart… or give him up to a shelter.

The very next morning at 5 am Debbie did the only thing she could think of, she took Finn to the dog park. She hoped to tire him out so he’d be more relaxed at home.

That’s when the luckiest thing happened for Finn and Debbie.

They met Amanda and her dog, Bailey. They looked like such a perfect pair. Bailey walked right alongside Amanda and never pulled on the leash… In fact, he happily followed her every command.

Debbie told Amanda, “You must be some sort of animal whisperer.”

Amanda chuckled and said, “oh no, if you had seen how hard it was before…”

“…Bailey loved to chew up the heels of shoes… and it seemed like the more expensive the pair, the more delicious he found them… he destroyed the garden, and pulled on the leash with full strength …

“All the books I read by so-called ‘experts’… Turns out their strategies only made things worse,” Amanda said. “But then I found something different…”

Debbie didn’t want to impose, but simply had to ask Amanda how she managed to get Bailey to stop pulling on the leash.

Amanda said, “I was surprised by how easy it truly is.”

Here’s one thing that Amanda told Debbie immediately – maybe you could use her advice to stop your dog from yanking on their leash…

STOP Your dog from
Pulling on the Leash for Just $10 Bucks!

Would you like to stop your dog from pulling on the leash with 10 bucks and one simple change? Here’s how:

  • D.
  • Do what we say. and invest $10 in a Halti. Traditional harnesses are ineffective compared to a Halti, and a Halti is completely comfortable and safe for your dog.
  • O.
  • Observe your dog’s behavior.You’ll notice your dog is simply not able to pull on the leash. Some dog's require a couple more steps to get them used to the Halti but your dog will quickly grow calmer, and be a lot more relaxed on your walks than ever before.
  • G.
  • Get results. Your dog walks by your side without pulling. This is the easiest, most immediate way to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

The Halti provides an instant solution while you follow other D.O.G methods to get your dog to quit tugging entirely.

Debbie, desperate for more of Amanda’s secrets, caved in and asked… “How did you learn all of this?” Amanda started gushing, telling Debbie everything she had learned. And it worked – better that anyone thought possible.

What Amanda shared went on to save Debbie’s relationship with Finn, her husband, family, and neighbors…

It is the reason...
Debbie’s husband now looks at Finn with loving eyes,
instead of glaring at Debbie with annoyed ones.

It’s why they bond over caring for Finn, instead of argue about him.

Amanda introduced Debbie to my proven training system, responsible for over 26,572 obedient dogs and happy doggie parents over the last 9 years.

After seeing how well behaved Bailey became thanks to my unique three-step techniques, Debbie immediately bought the training for Finn when they came back from the dog park… It even came with $500+ of bonus insider intel and gifts...

Take any dog and stop his bad
in a single month.

Now, let me introduce myself…

My name is Lisa VanHoven, and I was just like you… a passionate pup parent my whole life and safe house volunteer for over 17 years. After seeing many “trends” in dog and puppy training come and go, and after struggling with naughty dogs of my own, I researched tirelessly, hounded and badgered experts/trainers… and eventually discovered a system that can take any dog and stop his bad habits in a single month…...

This system has been proven over 26,000 times. We’ve helped over 26,572 pup-parents build a deep, loving bond with their dogs.

We’ll show you how to interpret what your dog is trying to tell you so that you can best understand and train him.

For example…

Did you know that you can read your Jack
Russell’s mind
just by looking at his tail and ears?

A dog’s wagging tail does not always indicate happiness or excitement. A happy wag, comes in wide, low sweeps… But if your dog’s tail wags stiffly or very high, then he may feel scared or hostile.

Depending on his fur, a dog’s tail may also be puffed out, which indicates potential aggression.

Another way to interpret your dog’s secret language is by observing his ears. If your dog’s ears are perked up, he is often relaxed, but attentive. A great way to tell if your dog is feeling assertive or aggressive is when his ears are both erect and forward. When feeling submissive, his ears will often lay flat back.

Do you have the kind of friend you haven’t seen in 10 years… But when you talk, it feels just like yesterday? It’s because you recognize key behaviors that you’ve both learned from spending time communicating with each other. It’s really not that much different having a healthy relationship with your pet. If you understand the simple cues your dog gives you… Interacting with him can be as easy as interacting with that best friend.

Your dog’s mouth, posture, and breathing also give clear signs as to how he is feeling and what he wants. Understanding your dog’s language will give you incomparable power when it comes to both training and bonding.

Remember, do the D.O.G:

  • D. Do as we say...
  • O. Observe your dog’s behavior...
  • G. Get results!

Follow the D.O.G methods and get a dog who listens, sits, stays, comes

Get the dog you want… I’ve shared dozens of ways with you already and still have so much more you can tap into with the push of a button

It really is that easy!

So easy in fact, that it’s called Dogs Made Easy. It’s SO easy that it works in 15 minutes a day.

Dogs Made Easy contains innovative puppy and dog training methods backed by the latest science in dog psychology, not the old “rub his nose in it” stuff of the past.

No - It’s NOT about: scolding, punishing or hitting your dog in any way.

Unfortunately, those outdated methods will only teach your dog to fear you… NOT to stop peeing on the rug. In fact, they might create even worse behavior!

Instead, Dogs Made Easy is about: playing with your dog and having fun, making your dog actually want to obey you, and using the natural instincts all dogs have to quickly and easily get them trained and acting like a little angel.

Thanks to these new methods, Finn is trusted with kids of all ages; he hasn’t made a single jumping mistake since Debbie went through the training with him. Finn has made a 180 turn in just one month.

Do you want to have a well-behaved, stress-free
dog in a month or less?

Instead of scolding your dog for what feels like hours, wouldn’t you rather have 15 minutes of fun a day while getting your dog to obey your every command?

You can have that with Dogs Made Easy.

Dogs Made Easy includes:

The “Skip To It” Grid: Simply locate the problem you want to solve or behavior you want to reinforce, and the Skip To It Grid will show you where to immediately find the D.O.G method to get the results you want. We understand that all dogs -- puppy, adolescent, or adult -- have different training needs. So regardless of if your dog is old or young, or you’re a new pet owner or a veteran, you’ll be able to skip to the exact solution you need right now.

You’ll also tap into the key facts about your dog, including:

  • How to choose a dog
  • Common dog health stats
  • How to choose a vet and insurance
  • dog life cycles
  • dog Temperament
  • Grooming your dog
  • How your dog interacts with children
  • and much more

You’ll even discover the best way to teach your dog basic and advanced tricks – all while having fun and strengthening your bond.

Responding Wonderfully Now
"Dogs made Easy is an excellent product and service, very helpful and importantly it teaches to focus on training the dog positively, not negatively, which I believe is wonderful for the dog! Overall, I'm very happy with everything I've read and my dog's been responding wonderfully."
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Dog Problems Solved!

But best of all… With Dogs Made Easy, you’ll tap into the step-by-step ways to make your dog reliably obedient, whether you struggle with:

Housebreaking, barking, biting, not listening when called, jumping up, scratching, digging, or more…

With Dogs Made Easy you can:

  • Discover 4 simple things that cause almost all bad behavior in dogs. Take care of these main root factors, and watch your dogs’s attitude improve and obedience skyrocket.
  • Do you know the most effective way to stop biting in puppies? It involves only one word that, when used consistently, can produce amazing results. This ensures that the biting habit does not continue into adulthood.
  • Manipulate a simple “click” sound in order to get your dog to do exactly what you want.
  • Think of how easy it is to talk with your best friend. You can understand your dog with the same ease with Dog Whispering -- the art of tapping into your dog’s thoughts and feelings by reading your dog’s body and verbal language.
  • You’ll learn why chewing is a good thing, plus an easy way to ensure your dog only chews on approved toys, and nothing else.
  • Do you know the 4 reasons for aggression in dogs? Being able to determine why your dog is aggressive is essential to eliminating it. You’ll learn how to do it.
  • Also, a dog barks for only 1 of 3 reasons. Barking itself is not a problem, but a natural form of communication for dogs. It’s the underlying root of the barking that must be dealt with to stop excessive barking quickly. You’ll be able to immediately identify why your dog barks so much, and employ 1 of the 3 quick cures and be amazed by how much quieter your dog becomes.

My world-class team and I created Dogs Made Easy because we love dogs. Plain and simple. We built it for pet owners who want a happy life with their dogs…

Dogs Made Easy taught us how to have a good balanced relationship. We found other ways to release his energy, and nowadays we don't struggle with chewing or recal anymore. Rio has become way more of a well behaved puppy, so if you're about to kill yourself because of your dog, think twice and get Dogs made Easy. You'll be very glad you did!"
Caroline, Miami, FL, USA

But it’s not for everyone...

It’s not for people who don’t love being a dog parent and who don’t care about having a loving companion…

But if you want to build that incredible bond with your obedient dog, we’re here to do everything we possibly can to make that happen for you…

That’s why with Dogs Made Easy, you will have:

Unlimited e-mail advice from
a real dog expert

You’ll never have to dig through unverified sources online again…

Instead, either follow the proven advice and techniques in Jacke Russells Made Easy or simply ask your trainer any question about your dog, and they will give you a professional, personal, detailed response within 24 hours. You will never spend a penny on this dedicated advice.

Because while it’s great to have a trainer training YOU, it’s much less beneficial when they train your dog for you. Remember, your dog wants to obey you… his pack mentality is deeply ingrained in him.

Pro dog training doesn’t teach your dog to obey you; it teaches him to obey his trainer. So in addition to costing you $1,000 or more, hiring a trainer eradicates the bond between you and your dog.

Imagine You and YOUR Dog...

  • Imagine your dog coming when called...
  • Calmly walking alongside you during your morning strolls...
  • Cuddling up only on dog-approved furniture to take a nap.
  • And imagine yourself feeling relaxed and stress-free as you watch your dog happily play without getting aggressive…

You can have exactly that just by trying out Dogs Made Easy today.

You can download the Dogs Made Easy 237 page right now… Even if you rarely download anything on the computer, it’s as easy as clicking your mouse 3 times.

120 Day (6 Month) Money Back Guarantee...

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