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Dog Training Made Easy

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Dog training is important for dogs, regardless of their breed, size or sex, require training. While some may require more aggressive training than others, the fact of the matter is dogs will only live by what they learn, and will only learn what you teach them. Therefore, for the sake of the items in your […]

Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Pets

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Golden Retrievers are elegant, graceful, sturdy, and well-proportioned medium-to-large sized dogs. They have medium-length cream to golden coloring in their coats, with attractive feathering on the legs and tail, as well as along the belly. This same coat is effectively water-repellent, with a dense undercoating. The golden retriever’s head is wide and tapering, with a […]

Choosing a Dog Lead, Collar and Tag

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Three of the most important dog accessories you need to procure are a lead (leash), collar and tag. It can be overwhelming to make a choice when you are bombarded by the mass selection that awaits you at local pet stores. To help you decide what’s best for you and your dog, the following is […]

House Training Your Dog Made Simple

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The first, and one of the most important lessons your dog will learn is house training. Housebreaking is the art of teaching your dog where and where not to eliminate. Although this process will take some time, and a lot of patience on your part, once your dog has been properly trained, this is one […]

Choosing Dog Beds and/or A Crate

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Do you need a dog bed for your dog or are you thinking about crate training? If you are choosing a bed or a crate there are plenty of options for you to consider based on the size and preferences of your dog. The following is what you can keep in mind when Choosing dog […]

What to Do When Bringing A Puppy Home

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Bringing a puppy home is a very exciting time. However, you need to make sure that you provide your new pup with a low-stress and happy first experience when he is welcomed into his new family. To make the transition as easy and comfortable for your new pup as possible, keep the following in mind. […]

About Yorkshire Terriers And More…

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Yorkshire terriers, also known as Yorkies, are amazing, tiny little dogs. Their coats are very fine, very long, and quite silky, parting along the spine, and falling down directly on either side. The body and the tail are steal blue in color, while the rest of the fur is tan colored. There is a great […]

More Weimaraner Advice & Support

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Weimaraners are impressive, medium-to-large sized dogs that are attractive for their sleek athleticism, smooth lines, and smooth, fine, short coat that is always grey. The Weimaraner’s head is typically a lighter shade of grey than the rest of its body. It has an elegant, noble air about it, with a strong muzzle. The eyes of […]

More On Toy Poodles Their Training & Care

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The Toy Poodle is the smallest size of the Poodle breed. They stand up to 10 inches at the shoulders and weigh between 6 – 9 pounds. Poodles have existed for over 400 years and are said to have originated in France. While the Standard and Miniature Poodle varieties were used for hunting, the Toy […]