Dogs Made Easy

Dog training & care made fun, fast and effective (Behavior problems solved)...

Step 1 >>

How it works... First , Do The D.O.G.

Do what we say...

We have gathered the most up to date information on training Jack Russells and will provide everything you need to know with the A.B.C. 123 training method.

Observe your dog's behavior...

Jack Russell's will tell you with body language and behavior what they need and what will work. You just have to know what to look for and pay attention.

Get results!

Your Jack Russell's training and care becomes fun, fast and effective. Any behavior problems are resolved more easily and permanently,
Next... Follow The A.B.C. 123 Method


Accept that dogs are not people and that their psychology is different.

Begin utilization...

Use the methods we will give you in real life situations. Your dog will enjoy it and you will see results immediately.


Being consistent is the glue that will hold everything together.


Remember how your dog thinks.


Show your dog how to get the greater reward.


Repeat and stay consistent.

The D.O.G. and A.B.C. 123 methods work with both puppies and older dogs and are being successfully used by new and experienced owners for basic and advanced obedience training and resolving the most difficult dog behavior problems.

How Can We Help?


Is a dog right for you? Should you get a male or female? We'll cover these topics and more.


It's about more than ample hugs and kisses. We cover topics like home hazards, coat care and nutrition.


Training shouldn't be draining. It should be fun, fast and easy. That's exactly what you'll get with our system.


Jumping, pulling and barking… Oh, my! Get all of these and more under control fast with our proven methods!
What Owners Say...

"Dogs Made Easy is worth its weight in gold to me and is my survival manual. It has been a great help. Its easy to find what your looking for and a joy to read, packed with lots of help and tips to make looking after a dog a lot easier. Thanks."
Tina Sickinger, Berea, Kentucky, US

"Dogs Made Easy is the most complete guide on caring for your dog. It gives you information on all your questions, as well as step by step instructions for training, care and solving problem behaviour. Great for 1st time and experienced owners alike."
John Regan, Woodford Green, Essex, UK